Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hanging Chad, Anyone??

Floridians go to the polls for the GOP primary in that state today, a critical contest which should narrow the GOP presidential field (as we expect Rudy Guiliani's Campaign to go nipples-up shortly following poll-closing).

The real question is whether Florida will back McCain, which would very likely result in McCain all but securing the nomination on Super-Tuesday, or Romney, which would likely result in the nomination being hung up all the way to the convention.

We are watching Florida closely.  Under a new law, former fellons will be permitted to vote in this election, unlike in prior Florida elections.  Anyone familiar with Greg Palast's work, "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy", knows that in this state, many people who had not committed felonies, but who shared identifying information with people who did (two names, a race, and a date of birth), were not permitted to vote in the 2000 or 2004 presidential elections.

The new law should fix this problem.  We feel that as a result, Florida will be blue in the presidential race, since literally thousands of disenfranchised African-Americans will be voting this time around in a state that tips by the thinnest of margins (537 votes, as we remember).  In the GOP primary, we feel this will give a bump to the most homophobic candidate.  The only problem is figuring which one that is... we're guessing Huckabee.

For the Democrats, well, we're not really following Florida, since they don't get any delegates (for braking the primary season rules).  Clinton is campaigning there in spite of the boycott - just like Michigan, a fact which irks us in addition to all the substantial flaws with her platform and personality.  Nonetheless, if SC is any indication, the Clinton's recent alienation of African-American voters might allow her to lose this meaningless contest to Obama anyway.

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